Sea Shipping

Package Pricing

Minimum Charge$100
Medium Box (18″x18″x16″)$110
Large box (18″x18″x24″)$130
Large Box (18″x18″x28″)$150
Large Box (18″x24″x24″)$180
Extra Large Box (24″x24″x20″)$200
X-Large Box (24″x24″x27″)$270
Wardrobe box (21″x 24″x34″)$300
Wardrobe Box (21″x18″x46)$300
Wardrobe box (24″x24″x34″)$330
Grand Wardrobe Box (21″x24″x48″)$420
Grand Wardrobe Box (24″x24″x48″)$480
Medium suite case (28″12″18″)$140
Large suite case (34″21″12″)$180
Barrel small (35 gal)$160
Barrel medium(45 gal)$200
Barrel large(50 gal)$300
Barrel X-large (55 gal)$330
Barrel Jumbo (72 gal)$350

Charges will be based on size irrespective of weight maximum Weight limit 200lbs or 100 kgs. Package rates based on U- Haul common boxes.

Charges calculation formula: ({height x width x length} / 1728) x $30 = Charges.

Absolutely no -extra charges when packages arrive in our Nairobi warehouse. Local pick up fee applies depending on distance and State.

For Bulk and those moving back Kenya call for special rates.
Feel free to call our Customer service crew –
Tel # 908-917-1725

Charges include customs,Taxes and storage upto Seven days upon arrival.

Our customer service crew is waiting to help call or email now.